Bootcamp Fitness Workout Marketing

Bootcamp fitness workouts are a killer way for trainers to make more money in less time, while helping more clients and offering a cheap alternative to expensive one-on-one personal training. Bootcamps truly are a WIN-WIN-WIN situation in these tough economic times.

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In fact, I truly believe we are just getting started with the popularity of the bootcamp fitness work out. In this economy, we are going to see “community activity” become more popular than ever. And that can mean anything from local organic gardening co-ops to very popular fitness bootcamp workout classes.

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And it is much more economical than one-on-one personal fitness training. I call it a WIN-WIN-WIN situation because the client pays less, you make more, and everyone gets more results (because of the social support).

The next big trend is to combine bootcamp workouts with Transformation Contests to create your own mini-Biggest Loser. This will vault you to celebrity trainer status in your area in no time flat.

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