What’s So Controversial About Steroids?

Steroids just like other substances of abuse have amassed a lot of controversy. As much as they have been linked by the media with dangerous and fatal side effects, as well as mortality rates of a very high rate, they have been widely used in conventional medicine with quite an accepted side effect profile, but providing that patients are monitored occasionally for possible clear complications.

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This controversy has been seen over the years where for example the football player Lyle Alzado was diagnosed with cancer which he had attributed as being a result of steroid abuse. Basically as much as steroids have been the cause of cancer, mostly liver cancer, there was no evidence that was published in the supports that steroids killed Alzado. Even his doctors did state that steroids did not contribute to his untimely death.

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Another purported and controversial side effect is the idea that steroids have led to the demise of many youths through committing suicide. As much as low testosterone levels are known to bring about depression, and basically that ending one cycle of steroids lowers the levels of testosterone, the hypothesis to the effect that steroids have been the chiefly responsible for suicidal attempts among teenagers has remained unproven.

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