Top 5 Workout Tips For Mixed Martial Arts

Bored with the monotony of the gym? Not interested in running in the rain? Then you may be interested in trying mixed martial arts (MMA), which is a full body workout that also provides mental health benefits as well. To get started, here are a few workout tips to ensure you are getting the full benefits and doing so safely.

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Workout tip #1: Always Warm Up

Because you will be working on all major muscle groups, it is essential to warm up to prevent injury or muscle strain. Stretches, yoga poses, and jump rope are all methods of warming up your muscles. Particularly with jumping rope, since you are doing a cardiovascular exercise and working on coordination. This coordination is important when working on strikes like punches or kicks and improving balance. You can also try some push-ups, sit-ups, and deep squats to work on each of your major muscle groups.

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Workout tip#2: Have a Specific Program

Whether you are training on your own or with a professional, you will want to have a specific program in place to improve your skills. If you are looking to compete, you should be preparing at least eight weeks before the scheduled fight. If you are working on fitness, you should still have goals in mind and ways to achieve those goals. Are you hoping to improve your footwork? Are you interested in protecting yourself from ground attacks? Do you need to increase your upper body strength? Outline your objectives and then determine what workouts will help you reach them.

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