How to Promote Your Personal Blog?

It was estimated that in 2010 there were 152 million blogs on the internet. The most common type of blog is a personal blog OMG Blog. These are created by anyone who has something to share, like students, stay-at-home moms, business professionals, etc. So, how does someone promote their own personal blog in the sea of millions of blogs? How can one blog stand out from the thousands of others that are exactly like it? The answer is link building.

Write about something that matters. Useless information and bad writing will only make your blog more invisible and harder to find. Write about things you know about, about things in your life that are interesting to others, or about anything as long as it has substance. People don’t necessarily only want to hear about you, so target some sort of market out there. Make the content worth sharing so other sites and people will link to your site. Also, be consistent. You don’t have to write every single day, but don’t let a month pass without a new post or any new content.

It is important to be active on other blogs. Write comments, ask questions, and be seen and heard. Genuinely find interests in other blogs and keep up with them. Leaving useful comments on other blogs is just as essential as writing your own useful blog posts. Make sure you leave your link with your comment in a tasteful and subtle way, something grandiose is not necessary. Even guest write on another blog, which will allow you to link to your own blog in your bio.