How to Maintain a Proper Heart Rate on the Wii Fit

Dieting and exercising has always been the best way to lose weight, and stay in shape. However not everybody can stay motivated. Fortunately, the new era of technology has helped develop new and exciting ways to stay in shape Phentermine Substitute Over The Counter. Nintendo developed the Wii Fit just for this reason, and is has become a phenomena all on its own. Millions of people worldwide are now getting in shape, and having fun while doing it. Now the Wii Fit may be a fun way to get in shape, but there is always a risk of exercising improperly and not seeing the results you desire.

The key to a proper Wii Fit workout is maintaining the proper heart rate. If you’ve heard of heart rate zones, then you’ll understand that there are different levels of heart rate. The body uses different nutrients according to how hard your heart is working, so the best way to get what you need out of your Wii Fit workout is by knowing what your target is How to take Phentermine. Too low of and you’ll have to work a little harder, too high and you should slow down a little. Maintaining the proper heart rate throughout your Wii Fit workout will greatly increase your results.

As we age our target heart rates change, but you can always calculate them based upon a few key pieces of information. First you will neeed to get your resting heart rate, to do this you must wait until after you haven’t done anything strenuous for about 30 minutes take your pulse for 10 seconds and multiply this by 6. For warm-ups or for those of us that haven’t had a good workout in a while, our target heart range should be about 50-60% of our maximum This is a good level for beginning a new exercise routine, as it will get your heart pumping but will not strain you.