Boosting Testosterone Naturally Will Always Be Preferred to Taking Steroids

Having a boosted testosterone level is worth far more to me than having a synthetic-steroid drug introduced into my body, and I don’t think I am being fearful of taking illegal drugs per se – it is rather than I like the size of my testicles and I don’t want them to shrink just because of taking steroids. Certainly I have no interest in being as muscle-bound as Arnold Schwarzenegger as I really don’t think it is an attractive look Mk 677 for sale.

However it is more than that – I love being highly fertile even if that is only an emotional construct because in fact I don’t want more children Lgd 4033 for sale. Certainly the research all points to the fact that synthetic steroids do shrink the testes and make the person infertile, and probably also greatly increase the chances of getting prostate cancer – which I can most definitely do without.

For me there is no jury that needs to come in – I am most happy with boosting my testosterone levels naturally with various plant extracts so that my testicles stay busy doing what nature intended for them to do and that my fertility is above average for my age. I cannot be happier with my sexual energy, and my muscle mass now would make many a younger man very happy Mk 2866 for sale. It is “horses for courses” I guess – many men are probably more ego-driven to illegal steroids than they are to naturally maintaining high levels of health. n.