Affiliate Marketing 101: What Are the Benefits of Blogging?

Some of you may wonder, “What are the benefits of blogging and how can it help me as an affiliate marketer?” I will tell you…

A few years ago, I was a student attending Idaho State University My major at the time was political science because I was interested in how our government is run. My professor challenged each of the students to start their own blogs on the Internet and share their opinion in it about electoral debates that were about to take place that year. These blogs needed to be turned in at the end of the semester to be graded. When the last day of class finally arrived, all the students handed in type written blogs instead of actually posting online. My professor approached me and he said that I was the only student to start an online blog and kept a daily posting of political events that year. Thus began my journey of keeping a personal blog on the Internet.

For some of you who are not familiar of what a blog is, I will explain it to you. It is an electronic version of journal writing, so instead of having a book to write in, you would go online, log into whatever blog service your are subscribed to, and just start typing about anything that has happened to you during the day.