Which WordPress Platform Should You Choose For Your Personal Block?

If you are on an online business like me, then you must have a personal blog https://indexarticle.com. I will not get into details about the benefits of a personal blog, for the reason that this articles purpose is to help you choose the proper platform for your blog, for those of you who don’t have already one.

There are two types of platforms to choose from. The first is a hosted blog platform, with WordPress.com and Blogger.com being the most used ones.

Hosted blog platforms are free for the users, and you can develop an account following the simple information accurately in minutes. You will be online, usually with a domain name: username.wordpress.com.

So the benefits for WordPress.com are that is free to use and simple to make your blog.

The bad news for marketeers is that you have limitations.You are under control of WordPress, since you don’t have the hosting of your blog. You can’t vary anything, install your own plug-ins. And the worst fragment for marketeers is that WordPress.com does not permit you to put advertisements of any kind.