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What is Data Recovery and How to Recover Deleted or Lost Data?

This blog post will share a complete “How to Article” on Data Recovery and the entire list of data recovery software to recovers the deleted or lost files from the hard drive. This Data recovery article will apply to all the major operating systems, i.e. Windows, Android, Linux, iPhone, and macOS.

What is Data Recovery? Acron Data Recovery is the process of recovering/retrieving the lost, deleted, corrupted, damaged, data from any storage devices. Data can be in the form of videos, audio, pictures, audio, text files etc. Before, I move further let’s give you a short introduction of all the primary storage devices that are accessible and used by millions of users worldwide.

Data Storage Devices: Below is the list of most popular data storage devices list that is being supported by TechSofwtareLogic Mac Data Recovery Software Tool or Application to Undelete any kind of files from the hard disk.


1. Internal Hard Drive: This the most commonly used data storage device used by millions of users from all around the world. Internal hard drive pre-comes with a Mac/Windows computer and can be replaceable whenever required. Internal hard drive size can vary from a few GB to TB.

2. External Hard Drive: External drive is somewhat similar to the internal hard drive and can be installed on any computer laptop. The main benefit of using the External hard drive is they can be removable.

3. Solid State Drive (SSD): Solid-state drive functionality is somewhat similar to the external and internal hard drives. However, a solid-state drive is much more robust and reliable when compared with other storage devices like NAS, Internal and the external drive,

4. Network Attached Storage (NAS)

5. Flash Drive or USB Drive

6. Optical Drive CD or DVD

1. Accidental File/Folder Deletion

2. Hard Drive File System Formatting/Damaging

3. Logical Damage

4. Data Loss during Hard Drive Partitioning

5. File Corruption Problem

6. Intentionally File Deletion

7. Physical Hard Drive Damage

8. Power Failure

9. Internal Hardware or Software Problem

10. Human Errors

11. Malware or Virus Attack

12. Theft of Computer

13. Natural disasters like Fire, Floods, earthquakes, etc.

Data Loss and Recovery Stats

Some of the useful Data Loss and Recovery Statistics have been discussed below:-

1. Nearly 20–30% of small, medium and big size business enterprises suffer critical data loss problem every year.

2. About 70–80% of the business users will experience (or have suffered) data loss problems due to accidental deletion; virus attack, hardware failure etc.

3. Near about 50% of the start-up shut down business within 6-month due to data loss problems.

How Does Data Recovery Software Works? Mac Data Recovery Software, Android, Linux, Windows, and iPhone has been designed and developed using sophisticated data recovery algorithms. All these data recovery tools read & retrieve deleted information from disk.

The motive of File Recovery Software: The primary motive of all these data recovery software programs is to recover the data deleted to virus attack, accidental deletion, formatted hard drive, Time Machine recovery.

Data Recovery Software List: Due to the advancement in technology and data recovery companies, there are some useful data recovery tools to recovers the deleted data. Depending on the operating system, you can use any one of these Data Recovery Software/Tool to retrieves the deleted files or folders. Best Data Recovery Software for MacData Recovery Software for WindowsBest Data Recovery Software for Android OSBest Data Recovery Software for Linux OSBest Data Recovery Software for iPhone OS

Essential Data Recovery Tips: In case if due to any of the reasons mentioned above data gets deleted or lost from the hard drive, then please stop using your computer system. It can be Android, iPhone, macOS, Windows, Linux operating system; the deleted data can be recoverable if and only if, data is not overwritten with some new piece of data.

Final Conclusion:- The above-discussed data recovery guide on what is data recovery and how does data recovery software works might prove helpful for those users who are facing data loss problems. If you know any other tips, software that deserved a place in this “Data Recovery Guide” article, then please feel free to share them via the comment section.

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